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Energoatom strengthens Ukraine's energy system: the next 1,000 MW power unit is connected to the grid

On June 7  2024, at 07:09 p.m., a power unit of one of the NPPs was successfully connected to the power grid after outage, in accordance with the task of Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko. The power ascension is in progress.

Thanks to the coordination and high professionalism of Ukrainian nuclear employees, all the necessary works, in particular, the unloading of spent nuclear fuel and the loading of fresh fuel, were carried out with high quality and was completed 10 days ahead of schedule.

“Our specialists work around the clock, making maximum efforts to ensure a stable energy supply. Our guardians of light hold the energy front with dignity,” Petro Kotin, Head of JSC “NNEGC “Energoatom”, said.

According to him, outages are key to prepare power units for efficient operation during the next heating season.

“The 1,000 MW of capacity that we have added to the grid today will significantly strengthen our energy system and ensure reliable electricity production for all consumers,” Petro Kotin emphasized.

This is already the third 1,000 MW power unit, on which outage was carried out.

Energoatom works for Ukraine and Ukrainians!