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The Yuzhnoukrainsk community supported the construction of the Technological Complex for the manufacture of fuel assemblies

On April 4, 2024, in the town of Yuzhnoukrainsk, on the initiative of Energoatom, public hearings were held regarding the construction of the Technological Complex for the manufacture of fuel assemblies for NPP power units near the town.

The unique production facility, intended for manufacture of nuclear fuel components for domestic nuclear power units, will be constructed by the request of the branch “SE “Atomprojectengineering”, JSC “NNEGC “Energoatom”.

Therefore, during the discussion of the construction issue, the Energoatom specialists emphasized that the level of doses from ionizing radiation sources excluded the possibility of radiation exposure outside the building of the complex, and its sanitary and protective area was defined by the boundaries of the industrial site. Besides, the social component was not skipped, because the construction of the complex should involve the creation of more than 110 jobs.

Having received answers to the rest of the questions regarding ecology, financing, economic benefits and social preferences, the residents of the Yuzhnoukrainsk community unanimously supported the construction of the Technological Complex.

We remind you that technological operations for the manufacture of fuel assemblies include the following stages:

  • manufacture of stainless steel components (upper and lower end cups);
  • buildup of fuel assemblies;
  • control of manufactured fuel assemblies;
  • preparation for shipment and temporary storage.

For reference: The implementation of Westinghouse technology is planned within the framework of the project. The manufacture process at the future enterprise actually involves the mechanical buildup of nuclear fuel for VVER-1000 reactors, using ready-made components. Some of them have been already manufactured at the facilities of Energoatom.