Radiation situation

Updated information on the radiation situation at the sites of NPPs of SE «NNEGC «Energoatom» as of 11.08.2022

137Cs Air activity limits,
137Cs Air activity at NPP sites, μBq/m3
Air EDR at NPP sites, μSv/h
Zaporizhzhya NPP
<8,7* 800000 0,05 / 0,17
South Ukraine NPP
<0,78* 800000 0,09 / 0,12
Khmelnytskyy NPP
<0,74* 800000 0,08 / 0,14
Rivne NPP
0,97 800000 0,07 / 0,1

* below minimally detectable activity

Thus, the radiation situation at the NPP sites has not changed and corresponds to the values of normal operation of the power units in the pre-war period.

Data on radiation situation for previous periods

Data on radiation situation at industrial sites and in the observation areas of NPPs