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The kremlin is intensifying fakes about attacks on the ZNPP

Recently, russia has taken its own propaganda to a new level. It manipulates the opinion of the IAEA and the world community, trying to accuse Ukraine of nuclear safety violation at the Zaporizhzhia NPP, which the Russians seized with weapons.

False statements of the kremlin regarding the alleged drone attacks by Ukraine are nothing more than an attempt to hide their own intentions to carry out a terrorist attack or to hide serious emergency events that have already occurred at the plant.

The root causes of the Russian PSYOP are:

🔻 the actual seizure of the nuclear plant by the russian military;

🔻 turning it into a military base;

🔻 denial of access for IAEA representatives to certain facilities of the plant;

🔻 denial of access for qualified Ukrainian personnel to their workplaces;

🔻 ignoring the adopted resolutions.

The only way to prevent a nuclear and radiation accident is to implement the IAEA resolution, withdraw the russian troops and military equipment from the plant, transfer the ZNPP to the control of Ukraine – the legitimate operator Energoatom, as well as demining the adjacent areas.

The seizure of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant by the russians is not only a flagrant violation of international law, but an outright act of nuclear terrorism.

The dangerous game of the occupiers at the nuclear facility must be stopped.