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Energoatom and the European nuclear energy leader EDF signed an Agreement on Cooperation

On June 6, 2024, Petro Kotin, Head of JSC «NNEGC «Energoatom», and Vakis Ramani, Senior Vice President of EDF for the Development of New International Nuclear Projects, agreed on cooperation by signing the corresponding Agreement.

he document specifies a number of areas of cooperation, in particular:

  • study of EPR technology – the third generation reactor.
  • study of NUWARD technology – small modular reactor – development of EDF.
  • exchange of experience in the NPP operation, safety support, reactor reliability and efficiency.

The parties will also exchange experience in the supply of nuclear fuel for VVER reactors in Eastern Europe, which will enable countries that operate this type of reactor to ensure independence from russia.

During the signing of the Agreement, Petro Kotin emphasized that Energoatom continued to develop domestic nuclear generation, and cooperation with the leader of nuclear energy in Europe would be able to strengthen Energoatom and contribute to the implementation of ambitious plans.

«Ukraine, like France, has unique experience in the nuclear industry. Therefore, our active cooperation and joint efforts in increasing the role of nuclear energy on the European continent will contribute to the achievement of climate goals and ensuring the stable production of clean and safe electricity,» Head of NNEGC said.