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Despite the existing capacity limitations, Energoatom performs Public Service Obligations (PSO) to the maximum extent possible

The armed aggression of the russian federation, the reduction of electricity sales, the occupation of the Zaporizhzhia NPP are all negative factors that caused the Company to accumulate debt for the PSO service from March to December 2022. However, despite the unfavorable conditions, during 2023 the debt was reduced by UAH 5,853 million, up to UAH 14,877 million.

In January - March 2024, 100% or UAH 42,105 million of the Company's net profit was paid for the PSO service.

For April 2024, the cost of the PSO service amounted to UAH 7,183 million. To date, the Company has paid UAH 6,304 million.

Energoatom fulfills its social obligations to the maximum extent possible, taking into account the current situation in the energy system and the conditions of the energy market.