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Zaporizhzhya NPP is set for WANO peer review

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13 to 29 May 2021, the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) will hold a peer review at Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. The management assures they are set for inspection.

Due to the pandemic and the «red» epidemiological zone in the Zaporizhzhya region the peer review format has slightly changed. Experts from other countries will work remotely, only those who live and work in Ukraine will visit the site. By the way, a peer review at the Chinese nuclear power plant has already been conducted in such a way.

According to the explanation given by the head of the ZNPP trial operation department Albert Ryabukha responsible for peer review preparing and conducting, «the team of experts who will visit the power plant consists of 10 specialists. They will conduct walkdowns, inspect, compile reports and pass this information along to colleagues working remotely. »

In the videoconference mode, the expert in each specific area will work with the counterpart – a representative of the nuclear power plant, acquaint him with findings and discuss further plans. Each WANO team member will report to the team leader on the key facts to be addressed. In this way, the experts will communicate with the whole team every day.

As a reminder, at South-Ukraine NPP the repetitive WANO peer review lasted for a week at the end of September 2020. The visit schedule of the association's experts was based on the results of the 2018 inspection. Back then, nine areas for improvement were identified at SUNPP, whereas seven areas were identified as strengths and two of them were recommended as good practices for use at all nuclear power plants worldwide.

In fact, the results of the two-year work aimed at improvement in the activities of SUNPP were shown to the WANO experts. Eight identified areas for improvement out of the nine got a «B» mark, which means that the company has made significant progress in certain areas while for the ​​«emergency preparedness» area WANO experts gave South Ukraine nuclear power workers the highest mark.