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Ukraine will not have a free energy market as long as it is dominated by manipulation – Energy Community expert

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The Ukrainian energy market needs a PSO mechanism, but this mechanism should objectively take into account the interests of all market participants. This was stated by the Electricity Expert of the Energy Community Secretariat Arben Kllokoqi, having 15 years of experience in the energy industry, at the Ukrainian Energy Forum, hosted by the Adam Smith Institute. 

Mr. Kllokoqi said that Ukraine would not have a free market as long as it was dominated by manipulation and artificial restrictions. All market participants must be protected and play by transparent and competitive rules. Therefore, for the effective operation of this mechanism, it is also very important to have an independent and strong industry regulator.

According to him, currently the situation in the Ukrainian electricity market seems to be such one in which one violation leads to another. The expert added that for now the energy market had accumulated huge debts to energy generating companies for the supplied products, in addition, there are also new debts, to pay which loans are taken out. Ultimately, this negatively affects the provision of energy companies with stable operation under the PSO mechanism.