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U.S. energy companies are into cooperation with Energoatom

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On May 12, NNEGC Energoatom hosted an online meeting between the head of SE NNEGC «Energoatom», representatives of the Government of Ukraine, and American colleagues at the initiative and at the site of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). The Ukrainian side was represented by the Acting President of NNEGC «Energoatom» Petro Kotin, Deputy Minister of Energy Yaroslav Demchenkov and Deputy Minister of Economy Taras Kachka, American side was represented by experts from NEI, the US State Department and about two dozen companies interested in cooperating with Energoatom.

NEI President and CEO Maria G. Korsnick noted that over the past year, Energoatom took systematic steps to make nuclear a national priority. She said: cooperation between NNEGC and such U.S. companies as Westinghouse and Holtec  is expanding while Ukraine systematically proves that it strives for energy independence.

Ann K. Ganzer, a Senior Bureau Official of  Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation of US State Department assured: the United States expresses its full-fledged support for Ukraine,  which defends its independence, including energy, and heads for integration into the European energy space. Ms. Ganzer also expressed willingness to cooperate for the prosperity of the nuclear industry in Ukraine and deepening the successful diversification of fresh nuclear fuel supply to Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Taras Kachka reported that a number of international technical assistance projects have already been implemented with the support of the United States to improve the protection systems of power units of domestic nuclear power plants.  He also emphasized, that currently nuclear industry is a priority for investment and cooperation, and Ukraine is set for co-working. These issues are no less a priority than a smooth trade regime and joint work aimed at combating climate transition.

Furthermore, Mr. Kachka mentioned the meeting of Energoatom's management with US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Trade in Europe and Eurasia David De Falco, held on April 20, during which,  in particular, the commercial opportunities for U.S.  companies in Ukraine were discussed.

Deputy Minister of Energy Yaroslav Demchenkov stressed that for now technologies for enhancement of nuclear power plants safety, determination of  advanced types of reactor facilities, as well as effectiveness research of commercial hydrogen production on the basis of nuclear power plants are of importance for Ukrainian nuclear generation. Mr. Demchenkov also said that the Ministry of Energy currently works on the State Economic Program for Nuclear Energy Development for 2021-2035. He assured that the Ukrainian government was ready to continue cooperation with the US State Department, the US Department of Energy and energy companies.

The Acting President of SE NNEGC «Energoatom» Petro Kotin made a presentation to the participants on the Energoatom’s performance, prospective projects implemented by the Company, in particular projects for the construction of new nuclear power units, as well as the state of NNEGC's cooperation with US nuclear companies and prospects for its expansion.

Speaking of the key areas of cooperation between Energoatom and the USA, the NNEGC head highlighted the significant role of the US company Westinghouse in the process of diversifying the nuclear fuel supply for Ukrainian nuclear power plants. He also noted that Ukraine cooperated with the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) on the upgrade of physical protection systems at Zaporizhzhya and South-Ukraine NPPs, with the Argonne National Laboratory on the Outage Optimization Project and with Holltec International on the construction of Centralized Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility (SNFSF).

During the discussion, Petro Kotin responded to the questions raised by American colleagues and expressed confidence in the fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation between Energoatom and  government authorities and commercial entities of the United States.


For reference: Nuclear Energy Institute (Washington, D. C.) is the policy organization of the nuclear technologies industry, founded in 1994, which develops policy on key legislative and regulatory issues affecting the industry.

NEI’s members  include companies that own or operate nuclear power plants, reactor designers and advanced technology companies, architect and engineering firms, fuel suppliers and service companies, consulting services and manufacturing companies, companies involved in nuclear medicine and nuclear industrial applications, radionuclide and radiopharmaceutical companies, universities and research laboratories, law firms, labor unions and international electric utilities.