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The crucial task is to stabilize the power system – Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko

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Today, on April 29, Oleh Nemchinov, the minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, presented the newly appointed minister Herman Halushchenko to the employees of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine. Mr. Halushchenko occupied the position of Vice President of SE NNEGC «Energoatom», so he knows firsthand the energy industry issues.

 «Finally, the authority is headed not by an acting, but a full-fledged minister receiving a high credit of trust from the parliament in 305 votes,» Nemchinov said.

Herman Halushchenko started his first working meeting with the heads of structural units of the Ministry, defining the priority tasks in brief. «The constant change of management has negatively affected the state of the entire industry,» the newly appointed minister said. «It's of the utmost importance for us to solve these problems today, moreover, we need to move very fast.» He stressed that it is already necessary to work to ensure that the country undergoes the next autumn-winter period without the specter of rolling blackouts.

 «Currently, our crucial task is to stabilize the power system,» Mr. Halushchenko added. The second issue on the agenda, the minister is convinced, should be the adoption of an effective PSO model, enabling to provide the general public with affordable electricity, while not depriving energy generating companies of income.

The Minister of Energy suggested to his subordinates to work in an intensified mode in order to offer the state in the short run those solutions enabling to forget about the problems in the energy sector.