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ENTSO-E synchronization is our strategic goal – Herman Halushchenko

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The Ukrainian power system integration into the European continental network ENTSO-E will open up wide opportunities for Ukraine and strengthen the country's energy independence. This was stated by Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko, opening the Ukrainian Energy Forum «Transforming the Ukrainian energy sector for an integrated, sustainable energy future in Europe».

 «This is our strategic goal and a project that will be implemented both for the benefit of Ukraine and Europe,» Herman Halushchenko stressed. «At the same time, the final disconnection from the energy systems of the Russian Federation and Belarus is a kind of the point of no return on the way to European integration.»

The Minister of Energy emphasized: Ukraine will definitely play an important role in the European power system, as it has a great export potential, which should be realized with the simultaneous modernization and decarbonization of the industry.

He also informed that with the help and support of European partners and experts the ministry intends to make up a List of key projects for the development of the Ukrainian power industry. «This List can be called a Great energy sector modernization. I am confident that the measures we are already implementing and planning will help Ukraine make a breakthrough in the EU integration process. After all, the power industry always stimulates the economic growth of the state: it is about jobs and prosperity of Ukraine as a whole,» noted the Minister.

For reference: Ukraine became part of the Energy Community in February 2011, committing itself to develop a European-style energy market based on European legislation. 

Ukraine and the EU signed an updated Memorandum of Understanding on a Strategic Energy Partnership between Ukraine and the EU jointly with the European Atomic Energy Community, which outlined areas for sectoral cooperation. Currently, the main laws on the principles of functioning of the natural gas and electricity market, the National Regulator in the field of energy, renewable energy, and energy efficiency have been adopted.