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Energy independence: Energoatom has kicked off CSFSF operation

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On August 20, 2021, on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence, Energoatom solemnly presented the newly built Centralized Spent Fuel Storage Facility (CSFSF), one of the most large-scale projects in the nuclear field.

Owing to the Storage Facility, Ukraine has finally stopped exporting spent fuel from three Ukrainian nuclear power plants –- Rivne, Khmelnytskyy and South Ukrainian – to Russian plants for processing and interim storage. From now on, it will be stored in its own Ukrainian Storage Facility, allowing the state to save about $ 200 million annually.

During the presentation, the specialists demonstrated the simulation of the technology of transportation, reloading and storage of spent nuclear fuel with the use of appropriate machinery and equipment.

The Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko thanked the nuclear power professionals for their conscientious work. He noted that from now on the nuclear industry is free from any outside influences: «We have witnessed a historic event. Energoatom has successfully overcome one of the biggest challenges facing our country – getting rid of dependence on a neighboring country in spent nuclear fuel management».

Energoatom’s head Petro Kotin said that the savings from the Storage Facility operation will be used for the technological development of Ukrainian nuclear power plants, and reminded that this solemn event was made possible by hundreds of professionals who worked selflessly to launch a strategic nuclear facility. «I am proud of every specialist who has put efforts to make the Storage Facility operate. Those who developed and implemented the latest technological and design solutions, laid the track, erected walls and roofs, poured slabs, removed construction debris, loaded and installed equipment, – said Mr. Kotin. «Each of you has made a great contribution to the energy independence of Ukraine. And thanks to you, the country's nuclear industry is guaranteed a safe, high-tech, well-being-oriented future.»

He promised that in the near future the first trains with spent nuclear fuel from three domestic nuclear power plants will go to the CSFSF. Due to a unique technology developed jointly with Energoatom's partner, the US company Holtec International, spent fuel will be safely stored on the storage site for the next hundred years. And soon, the head of the Company assured, following the leading countries of the world, Ukraine will develop the technology of further use of spent fuel.

As a reminder, on August 11, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal, announcing that the government had approved a state economic program for nuclear fuel management, stressed: «Ukraine will no longer depend on Russia for nuclear safety. This is an important symbolic step by the 30th anniversary of our independence.»