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Energoatom unveils a unique book – chronicles of the Chornobyl accident

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On April 26, SE NNEGC Energoatom and Folio Publishing Outfit unveiled the book «Chornobyl Chronicle. People». This publication is dedicated to the heroes who saved the world from the consequences of the Chornobyl explosion 35 years ago. The book contains 16 unique stories of the Chornobyl accident liquidators, namely nuclear energy workers, firefighters, medical workers, installers and operators, who were directly involved in those tragic events. Nowadays, these courageous people are members of the public organization «Promin 5-2», which united the participants of the elimination of one of the worst man-made disasters in human history.

As Acting President of Energoatom Petro Kotin noted in the foreword to the book, their free-hearted memories are of great value to the whole society, to each of us: «You will know the life stories told by Chornobyl workers. I admire these people of incredible endurance and hardiness. So for me personally, this documentary collection is invaluable. I sincerely hope that this book will take an honorable place in your libraries. The living should remember. »

While presenting the story-book, the head of Energoatom expressed confidence that each page of the book is worth careful reading, because society still does not know all the details of events on those challenging days.

Oleksiy Lych, the head of Energoatom's primary trade union organization, said that at present there are hundreds of people under his patronage who were directly involved in the Chornobyl accident elimination and as a result have a disability. He is convinced that «the people mentioned in our book have accomplished a real feat. They risked their health and lives for the sake of coming generations. I hope that the next book, containing the stories of other liquidators of the catastrophe will come out. »

The book, authored by journalist Olha Kuprienko and historian Alla Bahirova, has a limited edition. Some copies will be donated to schools, libraries and museums.

 «We didn't just write this book, we lived every story in it,» Olha Kuprienko said. «35 years have passed, and now these memories are crucial for all generations of Ukrainians, because we should not forget about the feat of the liquidators who took the first blow upon themselves.»

«I’d like to bow to these simple people who have become real heroes,» added Alla Bahirova.

Energoatom will publish excerpts from the book on its official social media pages.