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Ukraine in the European information space for the exchange of radiological data

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For more than two months Ukraine has been present on the map of the European information platform for the radiological data exchange in the real-time processing - EURDEP

European radiological data exchange system was established by the European Commission in 1995. Today the data arrive to the system from more than 5,000 automated posts of 40 organizations from 38 countries.

EURDEP database is located at the Institute of Transuranium Elements of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission (JRC EU), Ispra, Italy.

The participation of the EU-member states in the network is regulated by decision 87/600 of the Council and recommendation 2000/473/Euratom. Accession of non-EU member states to the network is carried out on a voluntary basis, but it is welcomed by the European Commission not only as a demonstration of the current radiation situation, but also as a good example of common information space and social values, focused on the needs of people in safety and information.

The countries, which provide their data to this system, get access to the data of other member countries. Data transfer from Ukraine to EURDEP is ensured by the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Centre with the use of its own network of observations, independent from the posts of the radiation control automated systems, which were created and operate in NPP control areas.

Assurance of interaction with EURDEP, next to raising awareness of the public and the media about the radiation situation on a qualitatively new level thanks to modern technologies, largely extends the possibilities of carrying out the assessment and the forecast in case of radiation accidents, because it is assumed that the submission of the data in case of emergencies will continue, but with a higher frequency.

EURDEP map also shows that in some areas of the European continent the exposure dose power values fluctuation may profoundly change within a month or a day, while in the others they remain stable. The map tool kit allows to increase the scale, observe the dynamics of changes in time and space, to receive additional explanations and professional comments etc.

Data transfer to EURDEP is currently carried out in a test mode according to formats and protocols, agreed by JRC and the Hydrometeorological Centre, that are compatible with the existing software and hardware.

However, the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine considers it necessary to attract attention of the public and the media to the modern information resource with the available data visualization of the environmental radiation monitoring in time and space, as a reliable source of system information.   

We also inform that the data on radiation situation of the environment in our country according to the data of observations radiometric network of the Hydrometeorological Centre of Ukraine for almost 10 years has been regularly published on Internet pages of the Central Geophysical Observatory (, which performs the methodical support of this network and carries out the measuring of radionuclides in samples of atmospheric aerosols, surface waters and soils, which are selected according to the specified regulations of observations.

To insure the presence of Ukraine in the European information space for the exchange of radiological data is a continuation of a consistent policy of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine in cooperation with other government bodies with regard to the assurance of free public access to radiological information and a real step of the European integration in the field of safety.