On July 28, our country for the first time celebrates Ukrainian Statehood Day and, traditionally, the Day of Christianization of Rus’ – Ukraine!

Amid the full-scale war, which russia is insidiously waging against us, these holidays have a more painful, but also a deeper meaning.

Right now, we are more united than ever and we are the State as never before! The enemy won’t be able to crush the thousand-year-old Ukrainian spirit, won’t be able to violate the traditions of our nation-building and won’t be able to slander the unique identity of our nation and our land.

Over the centuries, Ukrainians repulsed the enemy with dignity – and we will do it again. We will definitely win! Because all strong states always win, and Ukraine is one of those!

Congratulations on Ukrainian Statehood Day!

Congratulations on the Day of Christianization of Rus’!

Blessings with Ukraine in the heart! Head for Victory together!